Dog at Ohio Middle School gets her own yearbook

Golden retriever named Meg, in Ohio middle school managed to get her yearbook Style photo. Meg is a facility dog at school. Read more about this event.

Golden retriever named meg has always been with all the students , staffs and parents at Goshen Middle School, which is public school in Ohio.

Meg is a a facility dog at this school and her photo wearing red bandana with her name Meg on it as yearbook-style photo is recently making waves at an Ohio middle school.

Photo taken from Instagram/megstagram_gms

This photo is shared by Goshen Local Schools’ official Instagaram social media accounts on Monday, Sept. 26.

According to Wendy Flynn, principal of Goshen Middle School, “The young, happy dog was trained for service from birth by Circle Tail, an approved assistance dog training business in Cincinnati.”

“This is her second school year at Goshen Middle School,” Flynn said. “Meg lives with Mrs. Kelly DeNu, a seventh-grade math teacher in addition to paraprofessional and Meg’s Handler , and her family.”
The principal said further that during her time at school she has provided so much love to all of us that Students schedule one-on-one appointments through QR code. and we post that appointments in every hallway of Goshen Middle School.

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All of the school faculties say that she has bought smiles to all of our faces and we all consider her a member of our Goshen Middle School family. Finally, Flyn also thanked district and the Goshen Education Foundation for providing financial support to Meg as a facility dog.

Meg has become a local celebrity and has her adventures documented on Instagram under the account @MEGstagram_gms

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